We have different types of relays and timers of
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An on-delay timer will turn a device or system on after a set amount of time, while an off-delay timer will turn a device or system off after a set amount of time. An ON-delay timer is a type of time delay relay used to control the activation of a circuit by delaying the initiation of current flow. ON-delay timers are typically used in applications where it is important to ensure that a circuit is not activated until after a certain amount of time has elapsed. Off-delay timers can be used in air-conditioning systems to hold the blower motor in operation for a specific time period after the thermostat has turned the cooling compressor off. They may also be used to operate electrical devices and motors for a specified time.


Multifunctional Timer delay module is a revolutionary circuit with many commonly used timer delay and signal processing functions. It is perfect for many applications from hobby to industrial control.